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P&D Rigging & Crane Hire Pty Ltd is committed to the provision of high-quality crane hire, structural steel and precast concrete erection and services, in the provision of all types of rigging and dogman work. The services offered are planned to meet the expressed and implied needs of our clients and achieving satisfaction for other interested parties.

The organisation has adopted policies for maintaining the quality of its services through a Quality Management System which conforms to the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

P&D Rigging & Crane Hire Pty Ltd is committed to:

  • the provision of quality leadership through effective management;
  • consistently perform its services to a high level;
  • placing emphasis on the experience, knowledge, and qualifications of the organisation’s staff, and their development;
  • to providing client satisfaction and satisfaction to other interested parties;
  • to providing a safe working environment; and
  • the delivery of cost effective services.

The quality objectives of P&D Rigging & Crane Hire Pty Ltd are to:

  • establish and maintain client confidence in the organisation’s processes and services;
  • build and maintain a reputation for reliability and quality of services;
  • undertake operations using modem techniques and technologies;
  • initiate staff participation in quality improvement processes;
  • conform to the client’s specification and quality management system as requirements;
  • maintain a competitive position in the marketplace; and
  • obtain and maintain third-party quality certification.


The operation of the organisations Quality Management System, to criteria specified in Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 is the responsibility of all P&D Rigging & Crane Hire staff.


We are the largest independently owned local company in Gippsland

P&D Rigging & Crane Hire is an active Member of the Crane Industry Council of Australia.

All our cranes –

  • Comply with Australian Standards.
  • Have a current Workcover certificate of plant registration.
  • Are crane safe certified every 12 months – Green Stickers.
  • Are x-rayed and mag particle tested every 12 months.
  • Carry crane industry council Australia maintenance log books fill out daily.

All cranes also carry standard safety and environmental items such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers. We have worked hard to provide quality service & quality equipment to ensure customers receive a reliable crane hire service that complies with industry regulations and standards for safety at the work site.

We are happy to provide you with lift studies, JSA or safe work method statements, to make sure your lift is carried out safely.

A Member of The Victorian Crane Association

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