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P&D Cranes Australia Pty Ltd is committed to:

  • the provision of quality leadership through effective management;
  • consistently perform its services to a high level;
  • placing emphasis on the experience, knowledge and qualifications of the organisation’s staff, and their development;
  • to providing client satisfaction and satisfaction to other interested parties;
  • to providing a safe working environment; and
  • the delivery of cost effective services.

The quality objectives of P&D Cranes Australia Pty Ltd are to:

  • establish and maintain client confidence in the organisation’s processes and services;
  • build and maintain a reputation for reliability and quality of services;
  • undertake operations using modem techniques and technologies;
  • initiate staff participation in quality improvement processes;
  • conform with the client’s specification and quality management system as requirements;
  • maintain a competitive position in the market place; and
  • obtain and maintain third party quality certification.