Our crane allocators supervisor will determine which crane is best suited to carry out your crane lifts.

  • Mini Crawler Cranes

    Mini Crawler Cranes

    At P & D Cranes Australia, we have two Mini Crawler Cranes to choose from. With their compact body and small tail swing, these versatile cranes are the ideal crane to use in confined construction work sites and civil engineering work sites. CAPACITY BOOM LENGTHS 2.8T Crawler 8.575m 3T Crawler 12.0m

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  • Franna Cranes

    Franna Cranes

    P & D Cranes Australia have a range of Franna Cranes suitable for a wide range of lifting applications and are the ideal option when objects need to be moved in tight spaces or when there is limited overhead clearance. CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHSAUXILIARY BOOM20T17.9m2.93m25T18.4m3.0m

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  • Truck Mounted Cranes

    Truck Mounted Cranes

    P & D Cranes Australia truck-mounted cranes cover all lifting requirements ( shown below) with cost efficiency. From light compact to robust articulated requirements, P & D Cranes Australia’s truck-mounted cranes cover most industrial applications including: We can also provide a number of mounting accessories to meet your lifting requirements with maximum safety and efficiency.…

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  • All Terrain Cranes

    All Terrain Cranes

    P & D Cranes Australia’s all terrain cranes are ideal for a fast and efficient setup and operation on even the tightest of work sites. If you are looking for maximum manoeuvrability and capacity over other crane types all terrain cranes are the choice in terms of both performance and functionality. CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHSAUXILIARY BOOM LENGTHS55T42m14.6m90T50m26m100T52m33m130T40m15m220T68m13.7m

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  • Rough Terrain Cranes

    Rough Terrain Cranes

    P & D Cranes Australia’s rough terrain cranes are built and designed to operate in difficult ground conditions not suitable for normal mobile cranes in both dry and wet environments. These 4×4 drive cranes are able to climb steep terrain and offer exceptional manoeuvrability whilst being able to pick and carry. CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHSAUXILIARY BOOM LENGTHS30T…

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  • Dry Terrain Cranes

    Dry Terrain Cranes

    P&D Cranes Australia have a selection of cranes and telehandlers available for dry hire for both long or short term.  Mini Crawler Cranes CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHS2.8T Crawler8.575m3T Crawler12.0m   Franna Cranes CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHSAUXILIARY BOOM LENGTHS30T Slew Crane33m14.550T Slew Crane40m15m   Rough Terrain Cranes CAPACITYBOOM LENGTHSAUXILIARY BOOM20T17.9m2.93m25T18.4m3.0m Telehandler CAPACITYManitou 2.5T

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